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The Aero Precision SOLUS works to provide hunters, competitors, and shooting enthusiasts with a custom shooting experience. The SOLUS line was designed and built around the core belief that equipment should not be the marksman’s limiting factor under any use case.




Each Solus complete rifle is built around the Solus short action to provide out of the box precision and reliability across the entire line. This action utilizes an interchangeable 3 lug bolt design and a 60 degree bolt throw. Integral 20 MOA biased top rail allows for rock-solid mounting with your scope rings to the rifle system. The inclusion of different stock, chassis, and caliber options allows the shooter looking for an out of the box turnkey solution to choose what is best for their individual use-case.

Short Action

The heart of the Solus product line is the Solus Short Action. This product serves as the keystone in an ecosystem that provides shooters with an open-source, user-configurable, and quality-manufactured foundation for their precision bolt action build. Compatible with industry standard pre-fit and drop-in components the Solus removes many barriers to entry often associated with custom rifle builds, allowing the shooter to build a system that is specific to their needs. When manufacturing a custom bolt action, quality and consistency are essential. To ensure the most precise tolerances are being held each Solus Action gets inspected by CMM (coordinate measuring machine) in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.


The SOLUS Competition Chassis was designed to meld the body of a shooter with the action of a rifle. For these two systems to harmonically work together there was a high focus on both general ergonomics and adjustability to easily provide shooters with a tailored fit. Beyond ergonomics, the SOLUS Competition Chassis also emphasizes modularity, accommodating numerous different accessories—allowing for the firearm to be tailored to a multitude of different use cases.





Are your rifles accurate?
Our rifles are guaranteed to be Sub MOA from the factory.
What is pull weight of the trigger?
The pull weight of the trigger varies between configurations and can be anywhere from 1.5lbs to 3lbs.
How much does a complete rifle weigh?
This varies on configuration can weigh between 6.5-12 lbs.
How do I choose a rifle?
There are many opinions on this subject but the easiest place to start is intention, competitions require different equipment than hunting.
How do I remove the bolt from the receiver?
You will need to raise the comb up to remove the bolt. Make sure you remember or mark the adjustment height before moving it. Press the Bolt release on the left side of the receiver and pull the bolt out.
How do I choose a caliber?
Align your caliber selection with the intended use of the rifle.
What is a Minute of Angle or MOA?
A minute of angle is a measurement used to determine the group size of a given shot. An MOA is 1/60th of a degree and measures 1.047" at 100 yards this measurement gets rounded to 1" for manual calculation and is known as "Shooter minute of angle".
What tools do I need to put together the rifle?
Depending on the configuration, you will need a combination of the following: action wrench, barrel vise, barrel nut wrench, torque, and wrench.
What is a barrel vise?
A barrel vise is a clamping vise that utilizes bushings to provide anti rotation during installation.
Can I use another barrel vise?
Yes, all that is required is the proper bushing for the barrel.