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  • How to Clean Your AR15 Bolt Carrier Group


    Kirk from Aero Precision shows you how to clean your AR15 bolt carrier group.

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    1. How to Install a Drop-In Handguard


      Kirk from Aero Precision shows you how to install a drop-in handguard.

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    2. How to Install an ATLAS Handguard


      Kirk from Aero Precision shows you how to install your ATLAS series handguard.

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    3. What do I need to build my EPC-9?


      Learn about the products you will need to finish your EPC-9 build.

      The foundation of the EPC product line is our EPC-9 receivers. These receivers are machined from custom 7075-T6 aluminum forgings and include all proprietary parts installed from the factory. These proprietary parts include the following: magazine release, last round bolt hold open assembly, and ejector.

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    4. Anatomy of a Barrel


      The barrel is the heart and soul of any firearm, the anatomy of the barrel may sound foreign to new builders. In this video we will go over the basic parts of an AR15 barrel and their function. This terminology also applies to AR308/M5 Barrels.

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    5. Muzzle Device Install


      A simple walkthrough of how to install most AR15 muzzle devices!

      Installing muzzle devices on your AR15 is often a simple task if done correctly. Here we will be discussing how install a muzzle device, as well some quick tips to help the installation go much smoother!

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    6. AR15 Handguard Options


      AR15 Handguard Options

      We often get lots of questions asking which of our handguards are best for different types of applications. In the video above we hope to answer some of those questions!

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    7. Colored Anodizing Finishes: What You Should Know

      Anodized OD Green
      Some notes regarding colored anodizing finishes:

      We do our best to ensure the consistency and quality of our products. During manufacturing, we take great care in making sure that there are no surface imperfections by using a tightly controlled in-house deburring process and holding high quality control standards.

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    8. M4E1 Upper Receivers - Threaded vs Enhanced


      M4E1 Threaded Upper Receiver vs M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver

      Aero Precision M4E1 Upper Receivers are offered in two configurations - the M4E1 Threaded Upper Receiver and the M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver. Our M4E1 Upper Receivers are manufactured from custom forgings, providing billet like aesthetics at a great price. These 2 receivers are nearly identical in every way except for how the handguard attaches to the upper receiver.

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    9. M4E1 Lower Receiver vs. Gen 2/X15 Lower Receiver


      The lower receiver is the registered portion of the AR15 that houses many critical components such as the fire control group and buffer assembly. This is generally the part you will want to start with when building an AR15.

      Aero Precision offers two lines of AR15 pattern lower receivers, the X15/Gen 2 Lower Receiver and M4E1 Lower Receiver.

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