Magpul Enhanced Ejection Port Cover

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The Enhanced Ejection Port Cover is a drop-in upgrade designed to provide an improved installation process, physical strength, and corrosion resistance over the standard USGI ejection port cover. Traditional stamped-steel ejection ports are malleable, prone to corrosion, and require tools to install. The Enhanced Ejection Port Cover snaps into place easily without having to remove your hand guard or barrel nut, wind any loose springs, or adjust small e-clips. Constructed of impact-resistant injection molded polymer, it is corrosion resistant and will not bend or deform from impacts.

Made in the USA.

This product was designed to be used in conjunction with anodized AR15 mil-spec upper receivers. The M4E1 threaded and enhanced uppers utilize a custom designed forging with external aesthetic changes that may create fitment issues with the Magpul® Enhanced Ejection Port Cover. Aero Precision does not guarantee fitment with any M4E1 upper receivers or upper receivers using a non-anodized finish.

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Magpul SKUMAG1206
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