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From burning it down an national 3-Gun competitions, to living out of a backpack on a big game hunting excursion, our Aero Ambassadors are walking the walk and talking the talk when it comes to the firearms and hunting industry.

Jeff Roberts

@Roberts_jd / @PNWild_    |   Stanwood WA

My true passion, behind being the best husband and father, is the great outdoors. Whether it's taking my beautiful family camping or hunting for 10+ days in the backcountry and living out of a backpack, I simply just want to be outside. Another passion of mine is photography, I truly find great joy in capturing epic moments in time. I picked up my first camera in 2015 and haven't put one down since.

Favorite Show to binge - Mandalorian 
Favorite Podcast - PNWILD / Joe Rogan
Top played musical artist – Colter Wall
Favorite vacation spot - Winthrop 
Cats or Dogs - Kids
Is a hotdog a sandwich – This is MADNESS

Bob Petit

@bobbypetit / @PNWild_    |   Arlington WA

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and currently reside in Arlington, WA with my wife and three children. I have worked at the Boeing Company for 16 years and have been a part of PNWild since 2018. My passion in life is hunting and being outside, deep in the mountains. But above that, nothing fulfills me more than being a family man. I also enjoy fitness and picking on the guitar every once in a while.  

Favorite Show to binge - I'd rather read
Favorite podcast - JRE/Huberman Lab
Top played musical artist - Morgan Wallen/5FDP
Favorite vacation spot - Lake Chelan
Cats or Dogs - Dogs
Is a hotdog a sandwich - A hotdog is a hotdog. A sandwich is a sandwich.

Zack Ellis

@zackellisnw / @PNWild_    |   Tacoma, WA

Born and raised here in the City of Destiny. I am 36 years old and have had a hunting license in my pocket since I was 11 years old. I have not missed a deer season throughout my hunting career. I started by riding in the truck with my grandpa looking for blacktails and grouse, then chased whitetails in southeast Washington, to now chasing everything I can everywhere I can! Outside of hunting I love being in the gym doing CrossFit style workouts (preparing me for hunting trips mentally and physically), and I probably watch way too many sports.  

Favorite Show to binge - Alone or The Office 
Favorite Podcast - PNWild podcast is fine 
Top played musical artist – Hatebreed or Queen 
Favorite vacation spot - mountains 
Cats or Dogs - Dogs is the only correct answer  
Is a hotdog a sandwich – no because meat in a tube shape cannot be considered sandwich meat 

Tim Ramberg

@Tim.Ramberg     |     Everett, Wa

In 2011, I started shooting pistols competitively. I earned my first USPSA Grand Master classification and became a Match Director at my local club. In 2014, I shot my first multigun match…three guns was three times the fun. I was hooked! Why? The people. The opportunity to learn. The personal quest for improvement. The chance to push gear past the limit. It’s amazing to look back and see how much I’ve grown. I’m excited to see where I can go next. 

Favorite Show to binge: The Mandalorian 
Favorite Podcast: The 3-Gun Show 
Top played musical artist: Toddler Tunes 
Favorite vacation spot: anywhere there is a competition 
Cats or Dogs: We have 2 rescue cats 
Is a hotdog a sandwich: Yes 

Evan Tisler

@Evan_Tisler    |    Olympia, Wa

I am a husband to my high school sweetheart, Father to my two beautiful daughters and have been a commercial electrician for nearly 20 years. What started out with an interest in long range hunting, in 2013 turned into participating in local pistol competitions, and by 2014 I attended my first multigun match (rifle, pistol, shotgun). I was hooked! The obsession was born, and I have been working to play the game at the highest level possible ever since. "Consistently in the pursuit of excellency" I'm a "Gear Nerd" and am continually testing, tweaking, building, or busting out the dremel if I can make something run smoother or go faster!

Favorite Show to binge:  Sorry, no time for TV
Favorite Podcast: Dr. Jordan B. Peterson
Top played musical artist: Hippie Sabotage
Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere with a range and good weather
Cats or Dogs: Dogs! I have a long haired German shepherd
Is a hotdog a sandwich: No, It's a hotdog