AR15 parts

Building your first AR15

So you want to build your first AR15? You go online or to your local gun store to purchase parts for your build. Instead of being met with clear direction you are immediately bombarded with a slew of choices.

Aero M4E1 Raw

X15 Vs M4E1 Lower Receiver

The lower receiver is the registered portion of the AR15 that houses many critical components such as the fire control group and buffer assembly.

Swing For a Soldier

A PTSD Foundation Event 

The Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation held its annual ‘Swing for a Soldier’ event at the Gold Mountain Golf Club on Monday, July 11th.

AR15 Basics

AR15 Accessory Basics

AR15s have become synonymous with modularity within the last 20 years. The AR15s popularity and standard mounting interface options gives them nearly endless options when it comes to not only what you attach to the firearm, but how.