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Forever, a Special Thank You to Our Veterans

Veterans Day, The 11th of November, we at Aero Precision wish to express our thanks to honor the unwavering time and dedication of those who have honorably defended our nation with their service. Veterans embody the heart and soul of the United States of America and the sacrifices necessary to preserve it. Our veterans stood up, limited their own freedoms to be ready to defend ours, spent years away from loved ones, and bore the weight of our nation’s needs. Aero Precision recognizes the heroic sacrifices made by our servicemen and women, even as many of those same will just say they were doing their job, their duty.

Veterans Day serves as a day we say aloud to those who served, and served well, defending freedom and doing the hard work few others could. – Join us today in our thanks to these men and women.

Share and Listen to Their Stories

One of the greatest ways we can thank these men and women is to listen. We encourage everyone to take the time to listen to and learn from the stories of veterans. From the mundane and the amusing, to the grueling and painful, these stories must be told to preserve what it means to serve.

Thank Vets, But Be Polite

Veterans today will be inundated with thanks and praise, they will be buried under it. When it is your turn to thank someone, be mindful of that. A quick thank you, grabbing the tab at a bar or restaurant, paying it forward at the line for coffee. All of these are wonderful shows of gratitude, but if they seem a little awkward or uncomfortable remember they are getting this attention all day and in their minds it was their job.

Thanking Them Together

We encourage everyone to participate in community events and ceremonies dedicated to honoring our veterans. Watch the parades, join events with the VFW or VA, or simply send a message to the veterans you know personally. We appreciate their hard work, their dedication, and their sacrifice and risks they assumed to do this job.

Upholding Values

We value our veterans time, talents, and drive within this community. Just as veterans have upheld their duty, we at Aero Precision will uphold those same principles in our work. We know we serve them as customers now. Our firearms, our parts, and our service to them must match their efforts for us. We craft the reliability, precision, and integrity that our servicemen and women themselves exemplify.

This Veterans Day, we come together to honor and thank the brave men and women who gave their time in service to our country and went to those places so others didn’t have to. Their efforts then and now remind us of the efforts to preserve freedom, and the importance of preserving the values they fought to defend in their time. Let us thank them further by living in a manner that honors their good works and ensures their legacy continues. From all of us at Aero Precision, we wish you all a Happy Veterans Day.

And to veterans in all climes and places. Thank you for your service.

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