Precision Rifle

Building Precision

Building Precision. Key considerations for your precision bolt action rifle build. Ensure the ultimate accuracy with these expert insights.

a hunted bear shown with rifle used for bear hunt

Fall Bear Hunting Season 2023

Overcoming a slower start to this years big game hunting season. By PNWild Big game hunting season has arrived here in Washington, and it is off to a slower start

An artistic photo of a rifle cartridge

How to Choose the Right Rifle Cartridge for Your Hunting Needs

The Ins & Outs of Hunting Ammo Selection by John Warren At least once a week, someone is in my DM’s asking, “What’s the best caliber for hunting x animal?”

Aero Precision SOLUS on tripod

Competitive Precision Rifle: Tripod Features and Build

This complete guide helps you determine the ideal tripod for enhanced stability, accuracy, performance & safety. Learn how to elevate your shooting today!

The Anatomy of a Competitive Precision Rifle: The Bipod

Stability, stability, stability. A very important aspect of putting good shots down range is having the proper equipment to gain stability with your rifle. This means the proper bipod that

Born to be PNWILD

Embodying the Heart and Soul of the Pacific Northwest Who We Are PNWild is not just a company but an idea born around a campfire deep in the backcountry. We

Building A Hunter’s Rifle: The Heart of SOLUS

It’s About The Journey, Not the Destination By John Warren “The hunter that travels out into the woods is lost to the world, yet finds himself”  – Unknown  With the

tactical games precision shooting divisions

Your First Year of Shooting Competitive Precision Rifle

Everything you need to know – the organizations, match types, scoring, and how to get started. First, congratulations, starting a new discipline such as Precision Rifle can be a very

So You Wanna Buy Precision?

Buying A Precision Rifle Is A Big Decision, Let Us Make It Simpler. By John Warren Buying Precision To buy or to build, that is the question. It’s tough to