overhead view of breach manufacturing

Manufacturing BREACH

Discover what makes the Aero Precision BREACH the best ambidextrous charging handle & why we had to build our own robot to manufacture these!

a women firing ar15 with aero silencer

AR Setup for Women Shooters

A Guide to Customizing & Assembling Your Own AR Style Rifle. By Amy Dillon Setting up your rifle for a specific use case is one of the many benefits of

two aero precision ar rifles

Myths and Legends of AR-15 Barrels

How to Determine the Right AR-15 Barrel Length for Your Build If you have been in the AR-15 market for about five or six minutes you’ll quickly notice that we

A shooting instructor and student on the range

5 Things to Prep Your AR for a Practical Shooting Class

Preparation is the Key to Success Practical shooting classes should be at the forefront of any AR platform owner’s minds. We spend a lot of money on these guns, why

A man looking through the scope of an AR rifle

Choosing a Caliber for Your Large-Frame AR Build

6.5 Creedmoor & 308 Win are the most popular cartridges for your M5 build. The jump from a standard AR15 to a large-frame M5 gives you the ability to run

Aero Precision AR15 shown with popular accessories

Five Essentials for Your AR15

Here are the most recommended “must haves” to make your AR the perfect setup. The AR-15 arose to be America’s most popular rifle in the 21st century. Its utility, ease

AR15 parts

Building Your First AR15

So you want to build your first AR15? You go online or to your local gun store to purchase parts for your build. Instead of being met with clear direction you are immediately bombarded with a slew of choices.

Aero M4E1 Raw

X15 Vs M4E1 Lower Receiver

The lower receiver is the registered portion of the AR15 that houses many critical components such as the fire control group and buffer assembly.

AR15 Basics

AR15 Accessory Basics

AR15s have become synonymous with modularity within the last 20 years. The AR15s popularity and standard mounting interface options gives them nearly endless options when it comes to not only what you attach to the firearm, but how.