Swing For a Soldier

A PTSD Foundation Event 

The Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation held its annual ‘Swing for a Soldier’ event at the Gold Mountain Golf Club on Monday, July 11th. The PTSD Foundation, a non-profit organization based out of the Pacific Northwest, seeks to help Veterans and First Responders gain access to long-term solutions when suffering from PTSD.  

The golf tournament known as Swing for a Soldier is just one of the special events the PTSD Foundation holds every year to help raise awareness and gain support. Other events include Race for a Soldier—a half marathon/5k, Pull for a Soldier—a trap shooting competition, and an annual prayer breakfast complete with guest speakers.  Each event is supported by the local community and put on by volunteers to support the cause.    

This year, Aero Precision LLC, the leading manufacturer of American-Made firearms, was the charity event’s title sponsor. Aero Precision has supported the PTSD Foundation and its mission for several years after discovering them and developing a relationship with its founder Leslie Mayne.  

“It felt like there was a strong, a synergy and alignment with what we were trying to do for our law enforcement and for our veterans who rely obviously, very heavily on those things that they use to protect this country and our community, which is the firearms industry,” Mayne said.  

Regarding the relationship between Aero Precision and the PTSD Foundation, Mayne agreed, that the forming of a sponsorship appeared to be a natural step.  

“I felt like it was sort of a mutual affection. I’m an NRA member and a strong 2A advocate. I know the threats against it, and it’s important to me that we would align ourselves with other organizations that sort of feel the same way,” Mayne said  

The PTSD Foundation began as a personal project for Leslie Mayne in 2011 to bring hope and healing to Veterans and First Responders dealing with PTSD. What started as a small group of volunteers has grown into a successful non-profit built from the ground up with the help of its volunteers, partners, sponsors, and compassionate allies.  

Every golf cart was accounted for the morning of July 11th, and Valona Painting, another sponsor of the event and local business, provided Blue Smoke BBQ for the day’s festivities. During the opening ceremony, Ronald Regan’s voice echoed over the golf course in a recorded speech and skydivers coasted to the crowd below with one donning a large American flag.  

“It started as 130 people to, I mean, today we teed off 350 people, which is bananas. Honestly, it has just been [because of] relationships like what we have with Aero Precision,” said Packy Rieder, board member of the PTSD Foundation and Director of Swing for a Soldier.  

 The day was filled with joy, fun, and success with a record-breaking turnout of people.  

“Being a non-profit is super hard in a wealthy world where money is hard to come by, and so to continue going–you’re doing something right. And you’re changing enough lives that people are noticing, and they want to be a part of it. That’s the special part,” said Rieder.  

The PTSD Foundation continues to serve the community and benefit its sponsors with the pride of knowing they are helping to raise awareness of an important cause.   

 “Twenty-two humans a day that commit suicide because of PTSD and because of that trauma. If I could stop one of those, if we can stop two of them, if we can reach one person, and make a difference in their life and change their life, that is, that’s why I do it a hundred percent. I run around. I say it all the time. Let’s change lives together. And that’s what we’re all doing together,” said Rieder. 

The next event, 2022 Pull for a Soldier will take place at the Gig Harbor Sportsman Club on Friday, September 30th, 2022. For more information about the PTSD foundation, please visit https://ptsdfoundation.org. 

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