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Range Program

Aero Precision and Stag Arms are passionate about supporting firearms ranges across the country and assisting in efforts to build new business within the shooting market. We are proud to announce our new range program that helps introduce left- and righthanded shooters to our feature-packed firearms offering.

Conditions for Approval

  • Approval by Aero Precison or Stag Arms LLC sales managers.
  • Sign and return the Range Program Agreement.
  • Current Federal Firearms License (FFL)*
  • Aero Precison and Stag Arms products will be prominently displayed for range rentals for a 1-year period.
  • Scheduled promotional events/demo days with Aero Precison or Stag Arms sales staff. (1 per year)
  • There are NO exceptions in conditions for approval.

Range Agrees that the Purpose of the Program is to:

  • Increase new shooter participation at the facility.
  • Support the shooting sports
  • Support and practice proper gun safety and handling.
  • Promote sales of Aero Precison and/or Stag Arms products.

Pricing and Terms for 2024 Range Program:

  • Range gun pricing is based on the 2024 Aero Precison and Stag Arms Price List and is 50% off MSRP
  • Range Program Orders can only be placed ONCE a calendar year.
  • A total of 7 rifle SKUs may be ordered for the range, one of which must  be a SOLUS or PURSUIT bolt  rifle Each has the option to order an additional sellable unit of each may be added to the order for a total of 14 firearms.
  • Additionally, 4 SKUs from Aero Precision Lahar Suppressor line are available with an additional sellable unit
  • The 7 range guns and 4 suppressors must be used as rentals for a full year before resale. Violators will no longer participate in the Range Program.

Pricing and Terms Continued:

  • Range Program REQUIREMENT on each order of one left-handed model.
  • All invoices regardless of ship date must be paid at the time the order is placed.
  • All back-ordered products will be canceled two week prior to end of current calender year.
  • Range Program limits are based on the number of individual range locations within a multi-location dealer.(For example, a multi-location dealer with 5 total locations, but only 3 having on-site ranges would qualify to participate separately for each of the 3 range locations only)

Product Restrictions:

  • No more than twenty two (22) SKUs per plan
  • Complete uppers and lowers are excluded from the program
  • Parts and accessories are excluded from the program

Mandatory Models

Models required for the Range Program:

  • 1 Bolt Rifle - SOLUS or PURSUIT
  • 1 Left-Handed Model (any caliber)

    • Please note: Model selection subject to availability

Canceling Agreement:

Aero Precision reserves the right to cancel the agreement when any of the following conditions are NOT met:

  • Lack of support of Aero Precision or Stag Arms brand
  • Poor maintenance of firearms
  • Payment issues
  • Firearms used in an unsafe manner
  • Misuse of program discounts may result in immediate termination


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