Buy a Veteran's Camo stock and grip to match your M4E1 or M5E1 Veteran's Camo Builder Set.


  • Magpul PRS Gen3 Stock in Veteran's Camo finish
  • Magpul MOE Grip in Veteran's Camo finish

Veteran's Camo Furniture Sets are also available in...
Magpul MOE SL Stock and MOE Grip
Magpul MOE SL-S Stock and MOE Grip

Our November Builder Set is available in M4E1 (AR15) 15" ATLAS R-ONE Threaded, M4E1 (AR15) 15" Enhanced Handguard, M4E1 (AR15) 15" ATLAS S-ONE Threaded or M5E1 (.308) Enhanced configurations.

This product is blemished. Blemishes should only include minor flaws in the cerakote finish.

The entire Veteran's Camo Builder Set run has been marked as "BLEM" due to some minor issues with the finish. Although most parts are in great condition and the flaws are unnoticeable, the run did not pass our standards and is being sold at a discount for that reason.

Please note - our blemished products are fully functional, they just didn't meet our high standards. They are a great product at a discounted price for someone who doesn't mind a slight imperfection. We do not accept returns on blemished products.

Made In America?Yes
Select Your FinishVeterans Camo
Other FeaturesOne time run. Limited quantities available.
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