Aero Precision Sales Representatives

Don't know who your sales rep is? The list below will show you what state your rep has.

Updated: June 23rd, 2021

Sean King
Direct: 253-200-6624
or Ext. 578
Shelby Kirsten
Direct: 253-238-9221
or Ext. 527
Shannon Paulik
Direct: 253-200-1175
or Ext. 490
Josh Pulicicchio
Direct: 253-200-1601
or Ext. 511
Ryan Rittenhouse
Direct: 253-244-9038
or Ext. 415
Trent Sandstedt
Direct: 253-238-0454
or Ext. 469
Arkansas Alabama Connecticut Alaska Delaware Colorado
Louisiana E. Texas (76425-77899) Indiana Idaho Hawaii Guam
Mississippi Illinois Maryland Michigan Ohio Kansas
Nebraska Iowa New Hampshire Minnesota W. Texas
New Mexico Nevada Oklahoma Missouri Washington Maine
N. California
(93600 and above)
North Dakota Oregon New Jersey Montana New York
Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Wisconsin S. California
(93599 and below)
Rhode Island South Carolina Georgia Tennessee Vermont
West Virginia South Dakota Arizona Wyoming
North Carolina Florida Virginia