Aero Precision, New Hampshire Aero Precision, New Hampshire
Please note: As of 10/22/18, Fall Machine Company (FMC) has been 100% acquired by Aero Precision, LLC. The company is hereafter referred to as “Aero Precision, New Hampshire". The 100% acquisition will allow Aero Precision to expand its manufacturing capacity and geographic footprint, while also utilizing Aero Precision’s manufacturing experience and expertise to enhance the capabilities at our New Hampshire facility.

The Aero Precision New Hampshire Plant is located in Somersworth, NH.


Aero Precision NH employs a highly skilled team complemented by an extensive range of tools, shop aids and advanced capabilities which include 4-axis high-speed machining, multi-axis combination turning and milling, wire EDM, CMMs, and the latest 3D CAD design and CAM solutions. This combination enables us to perform the most demanding prototype and production machining requirements on a variety of materials, both cast and solid.

We routinely maintain tolerances within a .0002 of an inch in production quantities as well as on prototype projects. Our niche is providing unparalleled quality on complex components with a high level of precision, while paying close attention to detail. It is advanced machining at its best.

Value Added Services

Along with our machining and assembly capability, Aero Precision NH is able to provide the following value-added services:

  • Kanban Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions
  • Sub-tier supply chain and logistics management
  • Kitting of part families and data to streamline customer processing
  • Lean manufacturing support and solutions
  • Engineering and Quality support

Engineered Solutions

Our manufacturing expertise is complemented by a team of engineers who provide unmatched support and assistance for our customers. We continually strive to reduce time and cost while remaining focused on the details and delivering unparalleled quality the first time, every time. Our skillset includes:

  • Solidworks
  • Master Cam
  • Part Makerv
  • Cam Works
  • InspectionXpert

Quality Control

Quality is the most important component at Aero NH. The Basic philosophy at Aero NH is to supply quality parts on time at reasonable cost. When these criteria are met, we have a satisfied customer. We take pride in our work and our commitment to customer satisfaction and we believe in developing long term partnerships with our customers. Monitoring production at every stage, setting rigid standards and insisting on exacting documentation are the cornerstone of our first-class Quality Assurance Program.

The Quality Assurance Programs at Aero NH include elements such as SPC and Continuous Quality Improvement. In conformance to quality specifications, parts manufactured by Aero NH are subject to rigid in-process controls, with many on-floor inspection stations, from raw material through final inspections including proper packaging and shipping.

ISO Certification

Our quality control system conforms to ISO 9001:2008, and also to additional quality assurance programs required by our customer base

Inspection Technology

Aero NH utilizes a full complement of advanced, state-of-the art inspection tools, gauges and instrumentation including:

  • Offline programming software increases throughput, reducing lead time
  • Inspection data can be printed or exported for accurate recording and process monitoring
  • Provides inspection and reverse engineering capability to complement our other services

InspectionXpert Inspection documentation software

  • Streamlines QA engineering and inspection planning, reducing lead time
  • Conforms to AS-9102
  • Standardizes inspection documentation